Home about privacy policy dog food puppy training hybrid dogs? Dog vaccines go to forums! | classifieds pit bull mixed – the world of purebred and hybrid dogs general doggy care doggy food doggy training mixed dogs purebreds breeders doggy pics doggy videos     8. October 2012 0 comments my dog has allergies my dog has allergies | types & cure my dog has allergies! Allergies in dogs can become a big problem if you can’t identify the source of the allergen. Dogs like humans can get allergies though their food, air and the epidermis. Flea allergies in mastiff dogs are usually seasonal and may occur during spring and fall, your dog will start scratching and you can clearly see the flea bites. For flea allergies the garlic and olive oil remedy is a good one, here is an article i have wrote on this flea remedy. floridalighttacklecharters.com/thq-generic-viagra-shipped-overnight-zs/ viagra without a doctor prescription buy viagra viagra without a doctor prescription buy cheap viagra viagra for sale viagra for sale in usa viagra for sale generic viagra online buy viagra online Ticks are another issue in the summer time so be sure to get your dog frontline or petarmor products and the lyme shot as well. Food allergies are caused by gluten containing products, corn, wheat and sometimes diary products. When choosing your dog’s food be sure to go with gluten free varieties. Gluten allergy can cause rashes on the skin of your mastiff puppy and he or she may loose hair and you will see reddish areas. I feed diamond naturals puppy (chicken formula) to my 6 month old mastiff pup with great results. If your dog is allergic to many food chemicals slowly switch him or her over to a raw diet. Allergies in dogs | plastic many dog owners do not realize this but dogs can be allergic to their feeding bowls. Always use a ceramic or steel dog bowl, some dogs in the molosser family such as the boxer and mastiff is allergic to plastic. A lot of dog owners unaware of this fact give their dogs food and water in household plastic bowls. Plastic can cause an allergic reaction to break out around their mouth. These allergic reactions are visible pink sores around the lip of the dog. I had this happen to my mastiff so i had to get rid of his plastic toys as well and the sores started to disappear. Allergies in dogs | other allergens and treatments.. Other allergies in dogs include pollen,.

Welcome to my website.

The majority of my work to date has been specifically commissioned and each image has a description of the medium used. Public and corporate clients are usually identified, others are referred to as private collectors.

I have had the good fortune to work with other talented artists and all joint works are listed in collaborations.

I hope you enjoy looking at my work.

John Wakefield

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